TechnoLogic provides IT consulting and contracting services to clients worldwide in various industries. We deliver cost-effective and value added services to help our clients meet their goals.  We excel in helping our clients effectively and efficiently utilize their investment in Information Technology resources. Our goal is simple, provide the best solutions and services to our clients. We are quite conscious of the fact that the technologies we specialize in and the services we provide are just a small part of what the diversified and complex IT landscape requires these days., hence our clients need services from many other providers as well.

If you have product or services that complement our offering, let us team up to make the best of it. Even if there is slight overlap in our offerings, as long as our core competencies differ we will be able to form a partnership with you. We believe in partnerships that benefit all those involved, the right partnership will reward all parties with increased revenues, reduced risk, and better client service. We seek to leverage your expertise to complement our strengths as equal partners in sales, technical and marketing activities, while enabling both of us to focus on our respective core competencies.

TechnoLogic makes careful choices when it comes to partnerships so that the collaboration results in mutually realized success. We are a global company with capability and desire to deliver our services worldwide thus we would seek to form partnerships in all markets around the globe.

If TechnoLogic and your company can collaborate for mutual benefit, please email to us at partners@technologic.com or give us a call at  (425) 298-5641.